Downtown Fort Collins Band Practice Space is Here!

Practice means progress at Cohere Bandwidth. 

Experience plug-and-play rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins. Cohere Bandwidth offers musicians a place to practice where safe meets sound, in the heart of Old Town at 317 Jefferson Street.

What matters to you, matters to us. We HEAR you, in other words, which is why we provide:

  • trust: convenient 24/7 access to safe, secure shared space
  • location, location, location: within 2 blocks of all of the music venues in Old Town
  • community: resonating and residing in the vibrant arts ecosystem of Downtown Artery
  • quality: high-end backline gear including: drum kit, adjustable throne, bass amp, guitar amp & PA
  • connection: social events to introduce you to other artists and expand your network
  • isolation: rooms constructed with the highest achievable sound dampening
  • encouragement: moral support from other music-minded community members
  • economy: online reservations and payment keep our rates low and $$ in your pockets
  • flexibility: pay per rehearsal OR monthly membership at discounted rates

Excited? Instructions on how to sign up are here!


  • It takes about 1,000 lbs of grain to make 10 barrels (20 kegs of beer)! @zweibrewing @stiltedband All this in prep for the epic beer release/concert on 10/27 @downtownartery
  • Thom did all the work while we supervised @zweibrewing with @stiltedband and Tim Massa. @noosayoghurt staff was also on hand but not "with" with us.
  • Waiting for water to boil at @zweibrewing for @stiltedband beer brew day!
  • Tiny #playdate pause to set up for left-handed #drummer comfort. #coherebandwidth #downtownfortcollins
  • Meanwhile in Side B (aka the @wirefaces room) ... Stacy is channeling her inner drummer. #senoritasometimes #drummersometimes #playdate #coherebandwidth
  • New #playdate pals onstage at @downtownartery #instaband #bandwith #rehearsalspace #downtownfortcollins #coherebandwidth
  • WHAT?! Thank you @decibullz for donating these custom moldable ear plugs to #fortcollins #musicians Chances to win a pair at our upcoming events. #hearingprotectionrequired #decibullz #earplugs #betterthanfoam
  • The musicians exchanged a lot on info with one another. #connecting #fortcollins #musicscene #bandwith

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