Downtown Fort Collins Band Practice Space is Here!

Practice means progress at Cohere Bandwidth. 

Experience plug-and-play rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins. Cohere Bandwidth offers musicians a place to practice where safe meets sound, in the heart of Old Town at 317 Jefferson Street.

What matters to you, matters to us. We HEAR you, in other words, which is why we provide:

  • trust: convenient 24/7 access to safe, secure shared space
  • location, location, location: within 2 blocks of all of the music venues in Old Town
  • community: resonating and residing in the vibrant arts ecosystem of Downtown Artery
  • quality: high-end backline gear including: drum kit, adjustable throne, bass amp, guitar amp & PA
  • connection: social events to introduce you to other artists and expand your network
  • isolation: rooms constructed with the highest achievable sound dampening
  • encouragement: moral support from other music-minded community members
  • economy: online reservations and payment keep our rates low and $$ in your pockets
  • flexibility: pay per rehearsal OR monthly membership at discounted rates

Excited? Instructions on how to sign up are here!


  • Practice bridges the gap between you and your next new fan. Practice at Bandwidth. Safe. Secure. Soundproof. #fortcollins #practicepracticepractice #upcomingshow
  • You can literally beat the heat at Bandwidth. Central Air comes free with every practice. #rehearsalspace #ac #summer #hot #practicepracticepractice
  • I like check marks. 651 rehearsals in year one.
  • @wakebreakers in #sidea
  • All the bands get the 3rd string helper tonight. Shane is rehearsing, Adrian is working, I'm in PJs. #stretchypantsdontcare #allhours #pjworkinghard
  • I wish every night at Bandwidth looked like this!! #fortcollins #rehearsalspace #practice
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  • Same same same.

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