Our Practice Space

“Our neighbors kept calling the cops on us…” -another band in Fort Collins

Cohere Bandwidth gives bands a place to practice and create music in Fort Collins, connect with other artists and plug into a community that applauds musicians and supports their success. Loud is allowed here. Experimentation is encouraged. Make some noise, take notes, break a record, listen up, get down. Shake, rattle and roll. We give you the space to compose yourself. Sound good to you? Instructions on how to sign up are here!



  • Taking down the DRUMS sign. It's the end of the end of an era.
  • We are just $388 away from our $1,800 sales goal. Remember, if we miss the target, we close 30 days later. 😬😬😬
  • When your sales goal for the month is $1,800, and you're a full week in with only $168
  • Our management team is rocking in full force this week!  Catch Stella Luce at @surfside_7 tonight and @wirefaces at the @downtownartery this Thursday!
  • We've purchased our signature 12 pack of good beer and 30 rack of shitty beer. See you soon for happy hour!
  • Goddamn ya'll. This is the best thing to wake up to. Thank you!
  • Hey Spinal Tap, you left your #zucchini in Side B. #fortcollins #vegetable #aluminumfoil #tsa #metaldetector
  • As promised, here is where we are towards the goal this month. Book early, book often or we shutter our sound treated doors forever. Http://cohere bandwidth.com

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