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When it comes to real estate adages, “location, location, location” resonated with us. It took us almost 3 years to get this rehearsal space rolling but it was patience with a purpose. We could have EASILY chosen a warehouse in any old part of Fort Collins for our shared practice space but we said, “to hell with EASY, we’ll wait for perfection!!”

We had our eye on the back of the Colorado Drum and Percussion store for months but some serious infrastructure issues prevented us from being able to commit. Trust us, raw sewage seeping in to your rehearsal space was not the solution we were looking for (that’s all been renovated!). Sadly, the Drum Store ended up going out of business but their closure was our coup as the Downtown Artery was already moving towards taking over the whole building and adding a performance venue and cafe to their already thriving shared artist space and gallery upstairs. We think we got the best parts of the Drum Store: Shane and the DRUMS sign.

shane drums

We feel lucky to be the only business inside the Artery building that isn’t actually an artery of the Artery. Though we operate separately from the Artery, we are considered radical collaborators and partner heavily with our artist, barista, musician and skinny-jeans-wearing neighbors.

Visitors often marvel at our proximity to a performance stage and ability to green room bands, Strange Light record label, State Line Studios recording studio, shared artist studios, gallery and the Peculiar Press printers. It IS magnificent but it was all absolutely planned in advance to benefit the arts scene in Fort Collins. We hope you’ll join our motley crew of creators by choosing to make music with us. Read our How-To and get started right now!


  • The year is 2017. Greeley is getting wailed on. #weather #nosirens #safespace #windowless #twister
  • Totes looks like a book cover. But anyway, we have A/C and we're not afraid to use it. #fortcollins #bandpractice
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  • Thank you to @leapin_lizard_labels for designing/donating these chic name tags for the giant happy hour event on 6/6 at @officeevolutionfortcollins put on by fo(co)works. #coworking #alliance #focoworks #sharing #fortcollins
  • Earplugs for days.

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