Cohere Bandwidth: Let The Crowdfunding Commence!

bohemian nights angel

This past weekend was Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, an annual celebration of music and community where Fort Collins really gets to let its hair down.

This was the first year I’d ever attended (crazy, right?!). It was a great experience that further solidified my commitment to building a place where local musicians can perfect their craft without fear of being too loud or getting their equipment stolen.

Which brings me to my update! In case you haven’t been paying attention–Cohere Bandwidth successfully completed the endorsement phase!!! Our momentum lagged a little bit at the end, and we ended up coming in 3rd place. Heck, at the Olympics, that still puts us on the podium, and earned a $750 donation from Community Funded toward our total goal of $5,000!!!

Now, it’s time to dig in for the long haul. As of this very moment, we have 26 days to gather up the remainder of our funding goal. Over the past four days, we’ve had 5 fantastic supporters pledge a total of $345, which means we’re already more than 1/5 of the way there!!

I know that lots of people like to wait until the last second to make their pledges, but that might give me an early-life heart attack.

Please, if:

a) you believe in this project

b) you’ve been inspired by working in a shared office space with other talented people (and believe the same thing could be beneficial to other industries), and/or

c) you had a blast shaking your booty all over Old Town during New West Fest, and want to see Northern Colorado producing even more amazing musicians,

MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TODAY! (I just felt like Terri Gross on NPR during the pledge drive).

We only need to raise $3,905–that’s only 78 people donating $50. And have I mentioned the sweet rewards?! Starting at $5, your donation will earn you some sweet prizes, like stickers, free games of bowling, and free music, from some of Fort Collins’ favorite locally owned businesses. You can see all 17 rewards here.

Just click this link, log-in using email or Facebook, and click the “Support This Project” button.



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  • Taking down the DRUMS sign. It's the end of the end of an era.
  • We are just $388 away from our $1,800 sales goal. Remember, if we miss the target, we close 30 days later. 😬😬😬
  • When your sales goal for the month is $1,800, and you're a full week in with only $168
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  • As promised, here is where we are towards the goal this month. Book early, book often or we shutter our sound treated doors forever. Http://cohere

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