Composing Ourselves: Blueprints for Cohere Bandwidth

Well, in the land of shared rehearsal space, it’s back to the drawing board … nope, just kidding! — it’s forward >> to the drafting table! Or the computer version of that, anyway. We’re making more progress with Cohere Bandwidth. We’re putting pen to paper. And while we haven’t signed off on architectural plans or anything, Angel did make some drawings in her Moleskine. They don’t look like this, not even a little:


She did, however, come back from a meeting with Amy (our soon-to-be landlady, of Downtown Artery fame) and Brandon (Amy’s construction company contact, of Downtown Artery massive renovation fame) with some knowledge and some rough sketches for the rehearsal space.

Here’s what we know thus far:

  • There’s a restroom! It’s small, and unisex, but ADA compliant, fully functional, and fully non-gross, in our plan
  • There’s one lockout room, 22′ x 15′, that band(s) can rent for the longer term, to practice and securely store their gear
  • There’s one hourly rental room, 18′ x 20′, with full backline, which is conveniently located adjacent to the Artery’s planned venue space
  • There’s a small (very small, skinny jeans only) lobby for pacing and quickly pivoting
  • There’s “lab” space allocated in the hourly room, with a repair and rumination workbench
  • There’s a door-within-a-door entry system (more security!) and a room-within-a-room construction concept (more soundproofing!)

… and there’s MUCH more to be done. The space is located in a warehouse area of the Artery building and will get new electrical, and a new HVAC system (the duct work will need careful attention in our area of the building because ventilation = sound escape route). There’s an ancient and problematic sewer pipe that will get capped off completely. There’s stuff to be rearranged and ripped apart. There’s jackhammering that will happen.

Worker with Jackhammer

But first — there’s a Proposal (Brandon’s whipping that up for us), and there’s more Planning, and there’s a Permitting Process. And those are just the Ps, who knows what Qs might need minding? … but, hey: it’s PROGRESS, our favorite P of all. We figure that if we pull the trigger in July, we’ll be open by November if all goes well. Permitting alone is scheduled to take the month of August. We’re continuing to practice Patience (our least favorite P) in the meantime.

Also: we’re looking into Pricing — a very important P for the music community. We’re working with some super-smart people to make sure we do that part right. More on that in the next post. We’re hoping you’re hanging in there and we would love to hear from you as we being to take action on the tangibles. What should we remember to absolutely do to make this work for you? What are all the don’ts and be carefuls? Because while bands will certainly come and go throughout the tenure of Cohere Bandwidth, we’re planning to build this thing to last.

Soundtrack: Risk Assessment by The Don’ts and Be Carefuls

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