Fix Your Band Practice With One Weird Trick

In a basement in Fort Collins, a viola player must sit because the ceiling isn’t tall enough for her bow extension. In a turkey coop down by the river, two bands get robbed on Christmas Eve. In a warehouse behind Link Lane, a drummer wishes for heat as his fingers go numb.

Rehearsing in Fort Collins feels like a terrible mad lib where the nouns are: basement, garage, shed, warehouse and barn and the adjectives are: infested, cold, hot, damp, dirty, cramped, terrifying, noisy and frustrating.

2012-12-28 21.23.55

The worst version of the mad lib words.

In a world where you could rehearse in your basement or garage, we want you to explore the reality of hourly shared rehearsal space in Old Town.


FullSizeRender (9)

One of 21 shared spaces at Austin’s The Space.


Here are 5 ways we’ll help you sound better:

1. We backlined our rooms with amps, bass rigs, PAs, mixers and microphones so you only need to tote your sticks and guitars. Stop putting unnecessary wear and tear on your beloved equipment and use ours!


Wire Faces perfected the venue that is Menyus’s living room while Shane uses brush sticks.

2. If you’re practicing at home, you’re getting really good at playing the venue that is your garage or living room. Rehearsing in neutral territory better prepares your band for an actual performance especially when you can play at full volume without fear of the neighbors knocking.

3. Ever feel frustrated that your band rehearsals last 3 hours or more? Moreover, does your PARTNER/PARENT feel frustrated? By picking specific start and end times, you can all choose exactly how long you want practice to last (pro-tip, it’s usually less than 3 hours).

4. We planted our collective ass in Old Town for you. Be wildly productive during rehearsal at Cohere Bandwidth THEN go out for a beer together at any of the hundred places in Old Town.

5. Our rehearsal rooms will turn over about every 2 hours. That means there’s a really good chance you’ll run into other musicians. Meet, talk & play a show together, preferably next door at the Downtown Artery’s new venue. We even installed a “bat cave” that takes you directly from the Side A practice room onto the stage at the Artery’s Venue. WHUT?!

Your band can have a 2 hour rehearsal every week for $145 a month. And we added a gajillion other discounts at local businesses to rock your world.

Do the math.

2 person band=$73 each

3 person band=$48 each

4 person band=$36 each

5 person band=$29 each


CB Team Photo


Much love and go register today. You’ll get first dibs at the schedule when we open.

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