Guide to Linden Street: Old Town Fort Collins Part 1

IMG_3496In today’s edition of Cohere Bandwidth’s Hey Neighbor series we go beyond learning about the people in our new shared rehearsal space ‘hood but also the spaces and places. We decided that the only way to truly experience our future home on Linden Street would be to re-home ourselves there for the night. And so the Slumber Partery at the Downtown Artery was conceived in Old Town Fort Collins.


The Artery has just opened up two incredible “pads” on Airbnb where you can vacation or staycation at a super affordable price. Check out the listings

Queen bed with en suite bathroom & Sleeps up to 6. The rooms are especially perfect for touring or visiting musicians. Did we mention there will be a music venue right next door to Cohere Bandwidth!?


Upon arrival, William toured Angel all around the Artery and introduced her to the artists and their studios as well as their shared event and gallery space.


It took her a while to move in. Oh wait, done.


Eat and Greet:

First things first, we had to eat. Luckily our friends at the Artery invited us to their member potluck. Wanting to be good neighbors who enjoy word-play we made Cohere Bandwiches to share. We enjoyed great music while we ate good food and met lots of our new neighbors: artists, musicians and scarf collectors.IMG_3512

Angel and Shane have a coed sleepover with predictable results:

After the potluck, Shane and Angel dished about Christopher McAllister, the *cue-TEST* boy in school.
IMG_3505Shane’s bathroom went to 11. Shane said, “The bathrooms were so spacious I was able to rehearse several dance routines for an upcoming musical about G. Gordon Liddy.”IMG_3510

Shortly after, Angel had to introduce fellow art lovers to the DEFINITIVE piece on 39 Renaissance Babies Who Can’t Even.  Angel has never seen tears squirt out of Julie’s eyes from giggling. Check.IMG_3519

We forgot to photo- document that we also visited our Linden Street Neighbors Pour Brothers Community Tavern with included photo booth, Blind Pig  who scammed us some chips after the kitchen closed b/c Angel was “starving” from staying up so late, and Sunday Supply Co. where we will now visit regularly to fondle softly shirted fabrics.

The Morning After:

Unlimited in-room coffee is bringing this blog post to you right now. Win.

We don’t want to overdo the compliments but we LOVE all the cool kids at the Artery. It makes the months and months of waiting for the right place for our rehearsal space worth it. We could have picked any old warehouse in any number of places in Fort Collins but our patience was persistent and we persevered in our epic quest for the BEST. Okay, we admit to overdoing the alliteration.

In conclusion:

If you need a team get-away, a vacation or the perfect place to braid your neighbor’s hair, the Pads at the Artery are THE place to do so on Linden Street in Old Town Fort Collins.FullSizeRender (2)

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