Hey Neighbor! Meet: Amy Bradley

One of our favorite things about creating shared rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins is that Cohere Bandwidth has some super-awesome neighbors. We’re meeting more people every day, and we want you to get to know them better as we do. Take a moment with us to say: Hey Neighbor! … and learn more about the people that make our neighborhood neighborly.

Hey Neighbor! Meet: Amy Bradley

Amy Bradley - Downtown Artery

photo courtesy of Shaye Fitzgerald – PHOCO

How long have you been in the neighborhood, and what brought you here?
August marked six years of me living in lovely Fort Collins. I moved here in 2008 to earn my BFA at CSU. In 2011, the year before I graduated, I started a small business (now known as the Downtown Artery) and, now that we’re expanding, I’ll definitely be staying here for a while longer.

What do you do for work … and play?
I’m one of the owners, a founder, and the Director of Operations at the Downtown Artery, a hub for artists, musicians, and all other creative folks. I’m also in the process of establishing an apparel company called Peculiar Press. I truly love what I do, so I often consider it play. In addition to working at the Artery, I thoroughly enjoy going to shows/concerts, drawing weird things and making them into screen prints, listening to music – especially a good record paired with a yummy glass of vino, watching films (good ones… and bad ones), cookin’ up tasty dinners, cliff jumping, reading books – notably ones with some bizarre, screwed up plot, and playing with my cat. I also like doing cartwheels every now and then.

What makes your neighborhood unique?
I’ve been living in the Old Town area since my sophomore year of college and the business has been in the Old Town area since its birth in 2011. One of the aspects I love most about this neighborhood is just how close I am to so many radical people and places.  Being able to walk or bike practically anywhere and running into awesome folks while doing so brings me joy. Fort Collins is filled with beautiful, kind-hearted people and it’s wonderful being reminded of that on a daily basis. In addition to that, I really enjoy the quaintness of so many houses and buildings in this part of town. Each property has its own little quirks that I love. It makes me happy to be surrounded by a bunch of unique homes instead of cookie cutter houses and industrial buildings. The Downtown Artery is in the oldest commercial property in all of Fort Collins, so it has quite a history. Knowing that our building, along with the others on this block, has been here for almost 150 years is insanely neat to me!

What makes YOU unique?
Let’s see… I’m a pro nail-biter. I really enjoy singing and playing the piano (poorly). I was pretty into throwing knives for a period. I think I’m mildly addicted to cutting and dyeing my hair. White walls are the bane of my existence; I feel much happier when I am surrounded by colors! I am somewhat obsessed with essential oils so I make my own lotion, face wash, deodorant, hand cream, and toothpaste. I hope to eventually make everything from laundry detergent to body soap myself. I am quickly becoming a plant lady and have established a habit for naming all of them. Currently, my favorite is a Wandering Jew plant I’ve named Mordecai. As for guilty pleasures… I watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race and I think it’s the best reality TV show ever. Actually, I don’t even feel guilty about that. Ru Paul is an idol.

Favorite neighborhood haunts:
Restaurants: Snooze, Cafe DeBangkok, La Luz, JAX happy hour!, Elliot’s, Little Bird Bakeshop
Stores: The Cupboard, Cira, all thrift stores, Curiosities, Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary, Bizarre Bazaar, Nature’s Own
Other businesses: Hodi’s Half Note, Smokestack Pottery, Fort Collins Plant Nursery, Lyric Cinema Cafe

In your opinion, what makes a good neighbor?
The best neighbors are friends! Having like-minded businesses around who support each other is, I believe, essential. I think a perfect example of this is the ecosystem that’s being created by having Cohere Bandwidth and the Artery under the same roof. By respecting, supporting, and believing in the both businesses, I believe we will truly help each other grow.

Current soundtrack to a day in your life:
Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of White Fence, Shakey Graves, Father John Misty (so excited for his new album!), Mac DeMarco, Cass McCombs (perpetual obsession), Future Islands, and the one and only Leonard Cohen.

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