Hey Neighbor! Meet Stilted

Band Name: Stilted

Place in the Neighborhood: Cohere Bandwidth Member Band. Fort Collins band Stilted has been practicing at Bandwidth for almost a year!


“We tend to be a little more focused at Bandwidth, and we definitely accomplish more in the same amount of time, versus playing in a basement. …so my favorite part is the increased productivity, and the general lack of a police presence.”

How long have you been a band, and what made you decide to seek out shared rehearsal space for band practice? What is your favorite part about rehearsing at Bandwidth?

Thom: KJ and Cody started playing in the spring of 2015, and I joined up a month or two later. We started practicing at this dive KJ was renting and had no issues. Then he bought a house in a swanky neighborhood and his new neighbors immediately called the cops on us, probably because of this hippie-looking tapestry he had hanging over the front window…certainly not because of the bass. I think we tend to be a little more focused at Bandwidth, and we definitely accomplish more in the same amount of time, versus playing in a basement. …so my favorite part is the increased productivity, and the general lack of a police presence.

KJ: The police issue that Thom mentioned is why we sought out a shared rehearsal space. That and the opportunity to network with other bands. My favorite part about rehearsing at Bandwidth is watching the other sorry saps in my band lug gear in and all I have to do is bring a pair of sticks. Not getting hassled by the man is a nice perk, too.

Thom: Guess who gets no help loading in the drums at gigs?

Cody: Well…I’ve been my own band for years now. Turns out it’s hard to play three instruments at once, so I went ahead and let Thom and KJ in as well. I’m a very big fan of the Cohere space because it’s about five blocks from my house. All I have to really carry is my guitar and pedals and I’m good to go; makes for a single trip from the car! Sometimes I’ll make a second trip for a 6-pack, though…

What do you do for work … and play?

Thom: I’m a software developer, mostly working on web applications and the occasional phone app. I also read comic books, play video games, brew beer, bike around town, make up stupid songs for my kid, and generally engage in shenanigans and/or hijinks.

KJ: I am a beer rep for Zwei Brewing. I can also be found bartending in their taproom a few nights a week. I don’t play, I’m a dull boy.

Cody: I’m a part-time astronaut, part-time rockstar (obviously). I also spend a lot of time in the water, tubing, with beer. I also research and experiment with music production techniques. I make a lot of lists.

Thom: I have not ONCE seen him near a rocket of ANY sort. He does make lists, though.

What makes your band unique?

Thom: I think that trying to be ‘unique’ is a trap that musicians tend to fall into. Stilted is just one in a long line of guitar/bass/drums bands that have existed since the early days of rock and roll. Why try to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is already so awesome? Having said that, we try to be the best band we can be, and add different elements into our songs from a variety of influences. We work really hard to make sure that our music doesn’t suck…I don’t think that’s unique to us, though. I think a lot of bands try to not suck.

KJ: Thom answered that well, but to build on that I would just say that we don’t write songs intentionally trying to box ourselves into any specific sound. We don’t try to sound like anyone else, or even ourselves for that matter. We just write songs as they come along and our sound is a result of that. I don’t think that makes us unique per se, I think all bands should have their own sound, but that’s just where the ‘Stilted sound’ comes from.

Cody: I’d say our wheel has gold rims, though. OK, maybe not gold rims, but at least one worn-out tire. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, though some might just call me obsessive compulsive. We’ll be perfect someday, I’m sure. I think our songs do sound like us…you should hear them for yourself.


Who are the members of your band (and what instruments do they each play)?

Cody Hitchcock – Vocals / Guitar
Thom Miller – Bass
KJ Osenenko – Drums

“My favorite part about rehearsing at Bandwidth is watching the other sorry saps in my band lug gear in and all I have to do is bring a pair of sticks.”

How did you meet?

Thom: Craigslist. Cody had an ad up that said, “Bassist wanted. Must tolerate drummers and be in tune.” I tuned my bass and contacted him, figuring one out of two wasn’t bad.

KJ: Me and Cody met through a Craigslist ad that I put up. Thom we just let in because we felt bad for the old geezer; I guess being around us young guys makes him feel cool. And he’s not half bad at the bass guitar, either.

Thom: I do feel that I bring a certain level of maturity to the band…

Cody: It’s quite interesting that we weren’t all friends before and that we’re coming from different directions (although we are all from the East Coast). It actually took a huge amount of searching and playing with people before actually finding something that works well. I’m really stoked about this project.

Are there any other local bands that you find inspiring?

Thom: John Hodge’s hair is always finely coiffed, though he usually wears a cowboy hat when he’s playing with a full band, which I’m not fond of. Shane’s hair always looks amazing when Wire Faces plays live. The Echo Chamber has managed to create a rock/electronica hybrid sound that I really dig (not sure about their hair, though). Travis Mason (Attack on Venus) has this neat NASA jumpsuit that he sometimes wears when he’s playing live. Kris Hodgell (Chieftain ((also a Bandwidth member band))) looks kind of like Thor, which is cool. Brian Kittrell (Maxwell Mud) does this awesome thing where he stumbles around on stage like he’s drunk…actually, now that I think of it…he might just be drunk? The Combatillac (also a Bandwidth member band) guys are really loud.

KJ: If you want to talk about my personal inspirations, you’re talking Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.. As far as local bands go, Musketeer Gripweed always puts on a great show. They’ve also accomplished a lot – they regularly get the headline slot at the Aggie during FocoMX, they’ve done South by Southwest, they got to open for a major act (Lynyrd Skynyrd) at the Budweiser Events Center. I would like to see Stilted earn similar success, so my hat’s off to those guys..

Cody: Thom mentioned a lot of the good ones. I also really like Marti and The Dads a lot. It’s fun and it just clicks, ya know? I like all the bands from Grouphug records actually. I really do feel that this town is on the way up as far as the music scene goes. It’s starting to be it’s own island, instead of just being close to Denver.

Current soundtrack to a day in your life — (what band(s)/song(s) you’re listening to, local or otherwise?)

Thom: I have a Spotify playlist that’s titled, “The Greatest Songs Ever Written” and consists solely of ‘I Am… I Said’ by Neil Diamond. I just listen to that on repeat. I think KJ mostly just listens to Top 40 Pop.

KJ: As long as I don’t have to listen to some god awful pop hit off the radio it’s a good day. Seriously, hearing that crap makes me wish I was deaf. So subtract that from the entire catalog of music that exists in the world, and that works just fine for my life soundtrack.

Thom: Cody’s Music: Latin, Bulgarian, whatever world music is trendy this week…

Cody: Hey, don’t put words in my mouth, Thom…but that actually sounds like something I’d be into. Two things are important about listening to music for me: First, you’ve got to expand your horizons and always listen to stuff you haven’t heard before (this includes pop music for me, despite KJ’s furrowed brow; it’s got good and bad just like any other genre). Second, you’ve got to listen to the good stuff over and over again until you know it well enough to learn from it. So that’s pretty much what I do. That and listening to a lot of my old scratch material. And bird sounds.

Any goals you’re working toward as a band?

Thom: We just finished tracking our first EP over at Stout Studios and are currently having that mixed and mastered, so our short term goal is to get that out where people can find it, and also get some associated merch ready to go along with it. Our long term goals are to keep writing, keep recording, and play some more shows.

KJ: Total World Domination!

Thom: …and, uh, total world domination is also a goal, I guess.

Cody: Well, it really is if you listen to our subliminal messages close enough. That and MAKE GOOD MUSIC – music I would listen to – music you would listen to (whoever you are).

What’s the most important thing you accomplish at band practice?

Thom: We always manage to hug out our differences before we end practice…no one ever leaves in tears. Also, we usually do a pretty good job of making our existing tunes a little tighter and of finding a bit of time to work on a few new songs, too.

KJ: Making new music and/or making our current songs better. I mean that’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

Cody: I just hope no one can hearing us butchering covers through the walls when we try to play through them for the first time.


Where can people find you/your music?

At our next Collaboration Brew Concert on 10/27!


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