Rehearsal Space(s): Exercising Options


Oh, hai there — we’re back with a dispatch from Cohere Bandwidth land, where the news is good but our space is still in the initial planning phases. A glimmer in our collective eye (ow!). With dates that are more fermata than firm.

Still: good stuff is happening! Like:

  • Our pals at the Downtown Artery just celebrated their one-year anniversary by flinging wide their doors once again for First Friday. Also: Angel remembered that the Artery folks were the VERY FIRST to reach out to us about collaboration and space, right after we posted our VERY FIRST blog post about the idea. Isn’t it funny how things all come together eventually?
  • Speaking of eventually — while we work on our plans for Cohere Bandwidth, we promised to keep our ears to the ground about other spaces, temporary or otherwise, where bands might be able to practice. The folks at Scene Magazine  clued us into this little tidbit:

    Yum Yum’s/Ma’s Juice Bar is available to you either as a practice space or venue on Sundays 4pm-8pm. They’re located at 1300 West Elizabeth, next to McDonald’s west of campus, on the corner of Elizabeth and City Park – a great time to set out for more live music as the weather warms up.

    Contact Scene for more deets!

  • We sat down with Jahna, one of the very nice founders of the Fort’s forthcoming Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios, and got the scoop from her on their progress. They’re working on three fully-equipped rehearsal rooms that will be available for rental at hourly rates. Rates correspond to room sizes; they’re planning a 19′ x 20′, a 22′ x 25′ and a 50′ x something-gah-I-can’t-read-my-own-writing.(But you know, small/medium/large). While their construction is underway, they have their 20′ x 12′ front room for rent NOW should you simply want to see about temporary practice space. Get in touch and she’ll give you the scoop.
  • We’re still building our waiting list so we can keep interested parties apprised of our Cohere Bandwidth breakthroughs and let you know when we’re ready to rock and roll. Contact us to get on the email list!
  • We submitted a revised grant proposal to the Fort Collins Office of Economic Health — fingers crossed; we’ve added a bit of a laboratory component (which has already inspired more offers of help from the music community, yay)
  • We wrote a piece for a digital publication called New Worker Magazine that has inspired contact and support from across the country, including some funny chats about snake sex (<<you’ll have to read the article), plus an offer of advice/maybe even a field trip from a musician from Manhattan who has been involved in running rehearsal spaces in NYC. He started that email out with “By way of convincing you I’m not a weird rando …” and then included a numbered list of non-weird-rando attributes, which was lovely 🙂
  • We found out about this awesome project going on in Boise and we’re going to make them our BFFs

So — there you have it. Progress is progressing along at its own tempo, like it does. More to come! We’ll let you know if we hear of other opportunities for practicing while we fuss over blueprints and continue to make plans with the help of bands. We will likely be reaching out to some of you for some more advice as we get to delve into MOAR DETAILS soon, so brace yourself for another round of interrogation, possibly with more pizza. Because this is your space, and we love you. And pizza.

I love pizza! (integrale)




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