Shared practice space for local musicians to celebrate grand opening on June 27 in Old Town

Arliss Nancy courtesy Craig Okraska of Chromatic

Arliss Nancy courtesy Craig Okraska of Chromatic

Fort Collins, Colo., June 9, 2015 — After two and a half years of planning, preparation and construction, Cohere Bandwidth announced today that it will open its doors on Saturday, June 27 for musicians looking for rehearsal space. Two fully backlined practice rooms featuring high-quality gear, secure access and state-of-the-art sound mitigation are available for bands to book online at starting today. Located at 317 Jefferson St. in downtown Fort Collins, Cohere Bandwidth is housed in the same building as The Downtown Artery’s new music venue, also scheduled to open June 27.

“While the entire process has been lengthy, the result is completely worth it,” said Cohere Bandwidth owner Angel Kwiatkowski. “The location couldn’t be more perfect. We’ve been able to construct this safe, comfortable, convenient workspace for musicians in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, and it’s housed within the artistic ecosystem and creative community that’s blossoming at The Downtown Artery. The entire building is filled with people helping, inspiring and collaborating with one another, and the possibilities inherent in that are endless.”

Cohere Bandwidth offers plug-and-play hourly practice space for local and touring musicians, and was designed after extensive research and input gathered from several Colorado bands. Hourly rehearsal rates are set at $20, but a limited number of monthly memberships are also available at $145 for 8 hours of rehearsal time. Members of Cohere Bandwidth are also eligible for discounts and freebies from local merchants, including food, beer, gear, professional creative services, clothing, and more. Members also get advance priority access to booking, so they can choose and reserve regular rehearsal times in the Cohere Bandwidth schedule.


Kwiatkowski, who owns and operates Cohere Community (shared office space for independent creative professionals and remote workers), was motivated to create shared rehearsal space for musicians after hearing the story of local bands Fierce Bad Rabbit and Wire Faces having their practice space robbed.

“I was pretty horrified at the story, not just of the robbery, but of the conditions musicians typically work in,” she said. “The more I learned about what bands need in a practice space, the more parallels I saw between the coworking community and the music community. Why should our artists be forced to work in substandard conditions? They’re business owners, too, and deserve a workplace designed to suit their needs.”

To make sure the space continues to be inspired and guided by the musicians it serves, Kwiatkowski hired drummer Shane Zweygardt of Wire Faces as Cohere Bandwidth’s General Manager.

shane incognito

“It feels good to know that one of the musicians that was the catalyst for this whole project is now helping to run the rehearsal space,” Kwiatkowski said. “Shane is one of the most respected artists in the community and his input has been invaluable as we build the space.” Zweygardt was formerly a long-time employee of Colorado Drum and Percussion, the now-defunct local music store that was once in the building Cohere Bandwidth occupies.


Cohere Bandwidth will host a private party for friends and family on Friday, June 26, but has purposely scheduled the public opening of the practice spaces to coincide with the Downtown Artery’s venue grand opening, to demonstrate the synergy and camaraderie between the two businesses. “They’re the best neighbors we could ask for and we can’t wait to celebrate with them,” Kwiatkowski said.

Cohere Bandwidth offers 24/7 access via unique door key codes. Online booking for June 27 and dates beyond is available immediately. Bands can register online at and purchase hourly rehearsal time or monthly membership as needed.

The Downtown Artery venue grand opening on June 27 features Denver bands Itchy-O, Super Bummer and Panther Martin, along with Fort Collins favorites Stella Luce.


Cohere Bandwidth and Cohere Community

MEDIA CONTACT: Angel Kwiatkowski

(970) 219-4061

317 Jefferson St., Fort Collins, CO 80524


For more information about The Downtown Artery, please contact:
William Knudsen, Director of Marketing and Development – (970) 682-2668

252 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524

2 Years. 2 Hearts. A Bandwidth Anniversary: Again!

With minimal fanfare (aside from a card with an owl on it, and some virtual high-fiving), we celebrated a milestone last week. Unbelievably, it’s been two whole years since the idea of Cohere Bandwidth truly took flight, over a flight of Valentine’s Day pancakes. Yes, our Awakening happened at Snooze, and so many additional ironies have emerged since then that it’s impossible to keep track.

two hearts two years

So, here we are, two years in and on the precipice of announcing an opening date (we can say: it’s in April!) What we can also say for sure is this: our collective heart is still beating wildly, double time, for both our loves — Music and Community. Our second year in Cohere Bandwidth land has found us even more enamored with the neighbors, colleagues and fans that love to support the bands that have the good fortune to find themselves in Fort Collins.

For instance, right here in Year Two:

  • we found ourselves a home and signed a lease to live in beautiful harmony with Downtown Artery
  • we announced a partnership with SpokesBUZZ, our nonprofit BFF
  • we started buying bad-ass gear for the space from Mantic Effects and other local magic makers
  • we started meeting on the reg with other rehearsal spaces in town, like Higher Ground
  • we began a blog series that introduces you to all the nearby people we’re befriending, like this guy

In short, while it’s taking longer than we originally hoped to open the doors to our Old Town rehearsal space, it’s given us more time to enjoy the unity in our community. And that’s something we love just as much as we love the musicians that we’re here to serve.

And finally, there’s all of YOU — the faithful readers, cheerleaders and drum-beaters that continue to send us your ideas, support and good vibes while the construction process chugs along. We just want to say: we heart you. Big time. Double time. All the time. Thank you for hanging tough with us for two years. Just stick around for two more months and we’ll happily show you what happens when love multiplies. xoxo

Save the Date for Cinemusico: This is Spinal Tap!

While we (kind of) patiently wait out Cohere Bandwidth construction this winter, we keep looking for ways to support and connect with our community. Because that’s our favorite part anyway, and it requires zero hard hats. Fortunately, our friends at SpokesBUZZ have just the ticket for keeping our minds off our winter woes. And better yet: it’s a movie ticket! Our favorite nonprofit is bringing back Cinemusico — their music-meets-movies event series that brings songs and cinema together onscreen. The event includes the usual music community camaraderie, with local bands screening their music videos prior to a feature-length music-centric film. Cohere Bandwidth is proud to sponsor the first Cinemusico of 2015 on Thursday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m., at the Lyric Cinema Cafe.


While the last week in February might seem like a distant point on the horizon, let us explain why you should buy a ticket NOW:

  • SpokesBUZZ hasn’t hosted a Cinemusico event since 2012 … and the community tends to turn up in force, bands AND fans
  • This particular Cinemusico will feature music videos by known rockers and current SpokesBUZZ bands Wiredogs and Shatterproof …
  • …AND a brand-new video from SpokesBUZZ alumni band Wire Faces. They haven’t release a music video in 9 months, not since Space Age Trees. It’s like we’ve all been pregnant with anticipation.
  • The new Wire Faces video includes a star-studded cast of young local actors, including members of Slow Caves and Yettie
  • …PLUS it is the product of the geniuses over at NoCoast Artists, including director Tomas Herrera

And that’s just the stuff that happens before the featured movie starts. Cinemusico’s featured movie this time around?

This is Spinal Tap

That’s right, the Rob Reiner rock-mockumentary that Time Out London named The Best Comedy Film. EVER. The only movie that IMDB rates on a scale of one to ELEVEN. The movie that celebrated its 30th birthday last year but still remains ridiculously relevant to rock and roll. We’re so excited to see it with you that it’s as if there’s a cucumber in our pants. And if that doesn’t ring any bells for you, well then you’d really better be there to brush up on your legendary rock films.

Our favorite part of the whole event is the part where we get to hang out with some of our beloved local musicians and laugh and clap and watch music movies together. We’re not gonna lie. However, it’s also pretty neat that a portion of the evening’s proceeds will support SpokesBUZZ, which is why we’re so happy to kick down for the cause. We hope you’ll get a ticket and join us for Cinemusico on Feb. 26!

Crunching Numbers: Sound Choices in Practice Space

As we move closer to construction for Cohere Bandwidth, things are getting real. Really real. Like “sit down and talk to the people who build things” real. Which is precisely what Amy and Angel did last week, spending some quality time with pens, paper, calculators, and Brandon (pictured below), who took some time out from Downtown Artery re-construction to talk through some nitty-gritty rehearsal space details. Mostly: about sound.

Cohere Bandwidth Blueprinting

You know, sound, our familiar frenemy in our quest for shared rehearsal space. We already know more than we ever wanted to learn about constructing soundproof spaces, but Brandon took things up a notch. Not all the way to 11, thank heavens, but — let’s just say it got reaaaal scientific. We talked about green glue (our favorite!) and genie clips and isolation joints and Roxul (<<which, incidentally, may be our new band name) and staggered subfloors and agggghhhhhhhh. But we truly needed this level of detail so we could then ask Brandon to come back again with an even MOAR detailed estimate. So we might then identify places where we *could* cut costs — for instance, perhaps the waiting room needs less attention to sound attenuation than the practice spaces themselves — and places where we under no circumstances should we ever, ever attempt frugality. Like making sure the practice spaces are built so you can get to the electrical and HVAC for repairs without busting a decidedly un-soundproof hole in the wall that you just spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to construct. Smart construction. SOUND decisions. You know.

Because what it boils down to is this:

me: “if we get this right, we’re going to be SO HAPPY.”
Angel: “and if we get this wrong, we’re going to CRY.”

So, we’re using a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy (or a “high-five thrice, cry zero times” approach, if you prefer). Why all the pre-caution? Because Community-Building 101: we want to get this right for the people who are going to use the space, so they’ll actually use the space. Because if we screw up the sound, we diminish the happiness of the musicians. And because, for our little two-room project here, we’re currently talking six-figure construction costs and worrying about band budgets. Because the space we’re moving into is for sure going to have neighbors who have to be kept happy, too, and this has become a little bit more delicate now that those neighbors aren’t going to be drummers after all. Alas, maybe that one was a little too good to be true, but we sure felt extra-lucky there for a bit. 🙁

All that said, we are moving forward. Brandon is sharpening the pencil. Amy and Angel are reminding each other what a beautifully synergistic co-existence Cohere Bandwidth and the Downtown Artery will have for many years to come. We’re planning for green glue shooting parties where the community can invest some sweat equity, and we’re becoming appropriately enraptured by bass traps.

Only moment later, Angel performed a "clap test" -- which just wasn't the same without Ian.

Only moment later, Angel performed a “clap test” — which just wasn’t the same without Ian.

Most importantly, we’re taking our lessons in patience to heart and not being too hasty to make decisions right now that could have disastrous effects in the years to come. Because as anxious as we are to start, we are 500 times more anxious to make sure that what we choose is smart, and that our choices keep the musicians at the forefront, not lost in the background noise.

Composing Ourselves: Blueprints for Cohere Bandwidth

Well, in the land of shared rehearsal space, it’s back to the drawing board … nope, just kidding! — it’s forward >> to the drafting table! Or the computer version of that, anyway. We’re making more progress with Cohere Bandwidth. We’re putting pen to paper. And while we haven’t signed off on architectural plans or anything, Angel did make some drawings in her Moleskine. They don’t look like this, not even a little:


She did, however, come back from a meeting with Amy (our soon-to-be landlady, of Downtown Artery fame) and Brandon (Amy’s construction company contact, of Downtown Artery massive renovation fame) with some knowledge and some rough sketches for the rehearsal space.

Here’s what we know thus far:

  • There’s a restroom! It’s small, and unisex, but ADA compliant, fully functional, and fully non-gross, in our plan
  • There’s one lockout room, 22′ x 15′, that band(s) can rent for the longer term, to practice and securely store their gear
  • There’s one hourly rental room, 18′ x 20′, with full backline, which is conveniently located adjacent to the Artery’s planned venue space
  • There’s a small (very small, skinny jeans only) lobby for pacing and quickly pivoting
  • There’s “lab” space allocated in the hourly room, with a repair and rumination workbench
  • There’s a door-within-a-door entry system (more security!) and a room-within-a-room construction concept (more soundproofing!)

… and there’s MUCH more to be done. The space is located in a warehouse area of the Artery building and will get new electrical, and a new HVAC system (the duct work will need careful attention in our area of the building because ventilation = sound escape route). There’s an ancient and problematic sewer pipe that will get capped off completely. There’s stuff to be rearranged and ripped apart. There’s jackhammering that will happen.

Worker with Jackhammer

But first — there’s a Proposal (Brandon’s whipping that up for us), and there’s more Planning, and there’s a Permitting Process. And those are just the Ps, who knows what Qs might need minding? … but, hey: it’s PROGRESS, our favorite P of all. We figure that if we pull the trigger in July, we’ll be open by November if all goes well. Permitting alone is scheduled to take the month of August. We’re continuing to practice Patience (our least favorite P) in the meantime.

Also: we’re looking into Pricing — a very important P for the music community. We’re working with some super-smart people to make sure we do that part right. More on that in the next post. We’re hoping you’re hanging in there and we would love to hear from you as we being to take action on the tangibles. What should we remember to absolutely do to make this work for you? What are all the don’ts and be carefuls? Because while bands will certainly come and go throughout the tenure of Cohere Bandwidth, we’re planning to build this thing to last.

Soundtrack: Risk Assessment by The Don’ts and Be Carefuls

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