Downtown Fort Collins Band Practice Space!

“We tried to practice in the basement but the cops showed up…” -literally any band in Fort Collins

Practice means progress at Cohere Bandwidth. 

Experience plug-and-play rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins. Cohere Bandwidth offers musicians a place to practice where safe meets sound, in the heart of Old Town at 317 Jefferson Street.

What matters to you, matters to us. We HEAR you, in other words, which is why we provide:

  • trust: convenient 24/7 access to safe, secure shared space
  • location, location, location: within 2 blocks of all of the music venues in Old Town
  • community: resonating and residing in the vibrant arts ecosystem of Downtown Artery
  • quality: high-end backline gear including: drum kit, adjustable throne, bass amp, guitar amp & PA
  • connection: social events to introduce you to other artists and expand your network
  • isolation: rooms constructed with the highest achievable sound dampening
  • encouragement: moral support from other music-minded community members
  • economy: online reservations and payment keep our rates low and $$ in your pockets

Excited? Instructions on how to sign up are here!


  • New speakers for Side A today. Mackie Thump 15s. #pa #thumper #5yrwarranty
  • Revisiting what looks to be light stalking of @serpentfootmusic stockings. Catch them at #focomx next weekend. #thighs #campcounselor #kneesocks #shortshorts #surfrock
  • Is your set list ready for @focomx ? Link to our free checklist in comments. #focomusic #focomx
  • Spencer of @thehollowmusic looks eerily like @twiggscreative of @serpentfootmusic #ponder #playashowtogether
  • Dear @ojospa we are taking donations of this exact truck for bands to use for band-type things. Please confirm delivery date ;) #fordeconolinepickup #turquoise
  • The Melt, Slay, Woo video went to Arlington Cemetery (literally not figuratively). We've put it on our fastest staff minipony and it'll be back here Thursday. The 2 hour long video will take awhile to upload but you'll be able to watch it soon! #minipony #miniponyexpress #ponytales #truestory
  • Our expenditures don't match any other company I've ever worked at... I should put Minifridge on payroll #focomusic #rehearsalspace #musicians #pbrmeasap #whatmattersmost #blessed #gratitudeattitude #minifridge
  • Last chance at this free @focomx prep workshop is this Thursday 6-8p @themusicdistrict  Free sandwiches, coupons galore. #focomx #foconnect

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New Membership Program for Musicians

We’ve changed up our musician membership program to be available to ANY musician who wants to be in our community regardless of whether or not you need to rehearse at Cohere Bandwidth. Since we opened, we’ve tried to gather up partner businesses that offer services that make sense for bands. Our 2017 membership program includes…

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Rock Solid Review

In our ongoing quest to give you the nitty gritty details of running a band practice space in Old Town Fort Collins, we present you with this infographic reviewing what kind of 2016 Cohere Bandwidth had. TL;DR we’re not in the black consistently but we consistently improve the number of rehearsals and bands that use us…

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