The first time you arrive at Cohere Bandwidth to practice with your band, you’ll be met by one of these guys.

timguitaringTim Massa, Community Cultivator and Marketing Director

Tim has been playing guitar for almost 20 years. He had a great teacher in high school but learned the majority of what he knows from his band mates. Tim knows how to name a band. His first high school band was Ultraneotremendatory followed almost immediately by another band called Giant Cogs Turn. His current band is Stella Luce. When it comes to playing guitar Tim says be different, be unique, and be yourself. Find your voice rather than chasing others. To paraphrase King Buzzo (of the Melvins), we already have enough people out there playing guitar “correctly”. When Tim plays with his band he feels a quieting of inner turmoil and feels as if time doesn’t exist. Tim has infinite respect and love for anyone crazy/driven enough to put creative work into the world.

Shane Zweygardt, General Manager and Head of Ebay Acquisitions

KC UMS photo

Photo by Kirsten Cohen

Shane has been drumming for 18 years! Taught by Ray Wasinger, Shane is considered one of the the most talented and versatile drummers in Colorado. You’ll probably recognize him from his days at Colorado Drum and Percussion, where he worked and taught lessons for 6 years or as a semi-famous singing/standing drummer for the band Wire Faces.  Fun facts: his first band was called Fear The Vacuum and when he drums he feels like a Majestic Snow Leopard. When you call Cohere Bandwidth, you’re calling Shane.

Stevie Gray, Head of Helping and Enthusiasm
Stevie has been drumming for 4 years and taking lessons since the beginning. He is lucky to be able to play by ear so he self teaches a lot when he hears something interesting. The first band Stevie was in, Out of Ink, is still active! When Stevie drums he feels like all his problems go away. He tries to enjoy the experience and be happy that he’s drumming. He’s been playing different instruments since he was five, is super involved with video production and believes that grape Kool-Aid is better than cherry and will take that opinion to the grave.




A History Lesson
Cohere Bandwidth was conceived because of thieves. Kinda like the Commonwealth of Australia, only not for the purposes of penal transportation (*insert juvenile snicker here*), and instead located in Old Town Fort Collins. With fewer kangaroos.

Ummm. What?
In 2012, Fort Collins bands Fierce Bad Rabbit and Wire Faces got a nasty holiday surprise when they discovered their shared band practice space had been robbed — picked entirely clean somewhere around Christmas Day. When the local community got wind of the story, friends of the musicians were a) horrified and b) inspired to help.


Turkey Coops

Wire Faces/Fierce Bad Rabbit former practice space BEFORE robbery

Turkey Coops

AFTER Robbery (sob)

Enter c): Cohere — a shared office space for independent workers founded by Fort Collins coworking catalyst Angel Kwiatkowski. Cohere member, music enthusiast and appropriately agonized arts advocate Julie Sutter told the Wire Faces tale of woe to Angel over pancakes and coffee one day. Angel immediately saw the parallels between musicians and other creative workers and created Cohere Bandwidth because business professionals (and yes, that includes bands) deserve a place to work that isn’t rodent-infested and robbery-prone.

Angel Kwiatkowski Julie Sutter Cohere Bandwidth

Angel & Julie conceive Cohere Bandwidth over pancakes

Fueled by a belief that we could do better by our bands, and supported by the ideas, assets and muses of the music community — the search was on! In 2014, Cohere Bandwidth found a home for practicing musicians in the same building as the Downtown Artery, a bustling creative space for artists of all varieties in downtown Fort Collins. It marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship infused with energy, synergy and opportunity for the community. Also: there were hugs and high fives.

Full Circle
At the exact moment when Cohere Bandwidth needed an additional human resource, we realized that the perfect human was one of the musicians that started this whole journey. Shane Zweygardt (Wire Faces’ singing drummer) held the key … and not just the drum key. A freelance graphic designer with several years of experience with selecting, buying and selling music gear, Shane worked at Colorado Drum and Percussion on Linden and Jefferson until they made the decision to close their doors. Cohere Bandwidth is housed in the former drum warehouse. Shane is now the Cohere Bandwidth Keymaster, responsible for such tasks as: purchasing our backline equipment, retrofitting the Cohere Bandwidth logo, teaching Angel to play the drums, and being the go-to guy for musicians using the space. Which is perfect, because he’s a musician. Using the space. We couldn’t have envisioned a better fit for our wacky family if we tried.

CB Team Photo


  • Taking down the DRUMS sign. It's the end of the end of an era.
  • We are just $388 away from our $1,800 sales goal. Remember, if we miss the target, we close 30 days later. 😬😬😬
  • When your sales goal for the month is $1,800, and you're a full week in with only $168
  • Our management team is rocking in full force this week!  Catch Stella Luce at @surfside_7 tonight and @wirefaces at the @downtownartery this Thursday!
  • We've purchased our signature 12 pack of good beer and 30 rack of shitty beer. See you soon for happy hour!
  • Goddamn ya'll. This is the best thing to wake up to. Thank you!
  • Hey Spinal Tap, you left your #zucchini in Side B. #fortcollins #vegetable #aluminumfoil #tsa #metaldetector
  • As promised, here is where we are towards the goal this month. Book early, book often or we shutter our sound treated doors forever. Http://cohere

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