2 Years. 2 Hearts. A Bandwidth Anniversary: Again!

With minimal fanfare (aside from a card with an owl on it, and some virtual high-fiving), we celebrated a milestone last week. Unbelievably, it’s been two whole years since the idea of Cohere Bandwidth truly took flight, over a flight of Valentine’s Day pancakes. Yes, our Awakening happened at Snooze, and so many additional ironies have emerged since then that it’s impossible to keep track.

two hearts two years

So, here we are, two years in and on the precipice of announcing an opening date (we can say: it’s in April!) What we can also say for sure is this: our collective heart is still beating wildly, double time, for both our loves — Music and Community. Our second year in Cohere Bandwidth land has found us even more enamored with the neighbors, colleagues and fans that love to support the bands that have the good fortune to find themselves in Fort Collins.

For instance, right here in Year Two:

  • we found ourselves a home and signed a lease to live in beautiful harmony with Downtown Artery
  • we announced a partnership with SpokesBUZZ, our nonprofit BFF
  • we started buying bad-ass gear for the space from Mantic Effects and other local magic makers
  • we started meeting on the reg with other rehearsal spaces in town, like Higher Ground
  • we began a blog series that introduces you to all the nearby people we’re befriending, like this guy

In short, while it’s taking longer than we originally hoped to open the doors to our Old Town rehearsal space, it’s given us more time to enjoy the unity in our community. And that’s something we love just as much as we love the musicians that we’re here to serve.

And finally, there’s all of YOU — the faithful readers, cheerleaders and drum-beaters that continue to send us your ideas, support and good vibes while the construction process chugs along. We just want to say: we heart you. Big time. Double time. All the time. Thank you for hanging tough with us for two years. Just stick around for two more months and we’ll happily show you what happens when love multiplies. xoxo

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