Cohere Bandwidth: Progress Rocks!

No, not prog rock — you read it right the first time. PROGRESS. In our search for a shared rehearsal space location that we can call home for Cohere Bandwidth, we’re making progress! In terms of pace and overall coordination, it still looks a little bit like this:
 … but we’re content to be “winning the race” by letting things unfold a little more organically, if not more quickly. Trust is still the key, and the musician comes first, so we want to get it right. It hasn’t exactly been rabbit-rapid.

However, in a nutshell/turtleshell: we believe we have found a location (!)

  • …that we may be able to lease — we’re working through those logistics right now
  • …that has heat, electricity, and even bathrooms with running water
  • …that we can make more secure with a minimum of fuss, relatively speaking
  • …that has neighbors (but neighbors that are likely more tolerant than most when it comes to bands practicing next door)

That said, we still have some hurdles to clear, the biggest one being our old frenemy: soundproofing (there are also a few horror stories about the space that involve sewer backups of a magnitude requiring hazmat suits, but somehow those pale in comparison to the sound barrier).

Other good news: we finally got a response from a firm specializing in architectural acoustical consulting! This is a miracle in and of itself because apparently a hot new small business technique is to not to return phone calls inquiring about estimates. There are times when we weep for the future of entrepreneurship. But: these folks got back to us quickly and professionally and politely.

The less-good news is: the acoustic architects tell us it will cost $2900 for a site visit and recommendation (see also: hyperventilation and panic). Yep, that’s the price for the sound experts to come see the space and tell us what to do with ONE ROOM. We could spend half the money we have raised thus far just to get a plan — no materials, no labor, no rent, just an expert opinion.

Le sigh.

If you’ve been reading along faithfully following our story, you know that every “le sigh” has thus far been followed by a “woohoo!” It’s a good thing, too; otherwise, we might have thrown in the towel a zillion times already. So, having just scratched the surface of the harsh reality of soundproofing costs, our most recent woohoo! has fortunately appeared in the form of an opportunity to apply for a grant from the City of Fort Collins — a grant which requires matching funds (which luckily, we have, thanks to the crowdsourcing campaign many of you helped us complete last fall). Woohoo!

There are many bits of information to compile for this opportunity, but we’re definitely going for it, because what do we have to lose? Sleep? Already doing that, might as well do it in pursuit of some possible funding assistance. One way you can help, if you feel inspired, is to send us a letter of support to include with the grant application. It needn’t be fancy; think of it like a Mad Lib of sorts. “My name is (your name goes here) and I am a (your title here, ranging from “concerned citizen” to “community leader” to “not starving but kinda hungry artist” — whatever). I am writing in support of Cohere Bandwidth, a shared rehearsal space for local bands. I believe our Fort Collins music community needs affordable, secure shared rehearsal space because (your reasoning goes here, ranging from “our musicians need a place to practice their craft so our music scene can continue to drive visitors, attract and retain a creative workforce, and foster local economic growth” to “I can’t stand up to play my viola in our practice space and that impedes my ability to be 100% artistically awesome”). Then your name, contact info, any other (nouns) and (adjectives) that come to mind. We’ll need to collect these by Jan. 27 to really be able to pull it all together, so if you’re up for it, don’t think too hard, just write.

You can contact us for more information about providing letters of support, to hear more about our long and winding road to rehearsal space, to ask us how you might help in other ways, to tell us you want your name on the list for rehearsal space when it opens, etc. You can also just stay out there sending your supportive vibes, and basking in the excitement of woohoos! with us. Things really do feel incredibly positive right now, and we’re reinvigorated all over again. Let’s give this town a jolt, shall we? Woohoo!

Here’s a little Patti Fiasco inspiration for you in case you’re feeling le sigh: 



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