Hey Neighbor! Meet: Brandton Manshel

Creating shared rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins means that Cohere Bandwidth has some super-awesome neighbors. Like Brandton Manshel, one of our newest (GNU) neighbors. He’s kind of an expert on creating community. Take a moment to say “Hey Neighbor!” and learn more about what Brandton’s got in store for making fun times, art and music in Fort Collins.

Hey Neighbor! Meet: Brandton Manshel


How long have you been in the neighborhood, and what brought you here?
I was born in Denver, lived in Washington from 1999-2007, and then moved back here (with wife Sarah) to be farmers and enjoy sunshine mostly.

We (Sarah, Tomas Herrera and I) opened GNU to try to fill the artistic void in Fort Collins that was left when The Gallery Underground closed in May 2011, and we had a ton of fun there, but then that space had run its course by May(ish) 2013. We’ve also done lots of house shows as well and tons of different kinds of events all over the place in that time.

So, (for someone who might not know) GNU isn’t so much a place, as it is a big collective group of friends and artists from around the state and beyond that like getting together in Fort Collins and partying with each other … and I guess that’s what brought us and what keeps up here. All our friends and family are here and life is pretty fun.

We’re currently in the Downtown Artery and are planning a bunch of stuff there in the next few months…

What do you do for work … and play?
I try to make work and play more or less the same thing as much as I can. I basically try to split my time between farming and ‘being an artist’ as far as work goes. For the last eight months I was the ‘general manager’ at Grant Farms CSA. Now I’m done with that and we’re back to doing more shows and pursuing our other artistic endeavors as GNU again. So you could either say I’m presently a full time artist–or–blissfully unemployed.

We also like to rock climb, run, hike, cook, hang out around town, take pictures, hunt aliens and lake monsters, make videos, dance, write books and blogs, travel the world, try our best to expand our consciousness, et cetera.

What makes your neighborhood unique?
I’m kind of an all is one and nothing is absolutely unique kind of person, so this is a tough question for me. I find that we’re all basically the same from place to place. But maybe that’s just how I want to think…….either way, FC does have a certain goofiness that I like. We don’t take things too seriously and we know how to have fun, but we also get a lot of things done. That’s a pretty rare combo.

What makes YOU unique?
Well, I care about stuff an awful lot. That seems to be sort of a unique talent / odd habit / guilty pleasure nowadays. Sarah grows a pretty fine orchid, and we have a mean front yard garden. I made pho the other day and it was delicious if I do say so myself.

Favorite neighborhood haunts:
Avo’s, Surfside, Pueblo Viejo, Old Firehouse Books, Lyric Cinema.

In your opinion, what makes a good neighbor?
Someone who understands how their actions affect others around them, and understands the societal need for cooperation and not just competition and self-centeredness in all our endeavours, and then walks that kind of walk.

Current soundtrack to a day in your life:

**OUTKAST / Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Diamond D Remix)

**Commodores / I Like What You Do

**SBB / Palamakia

**Men In Burka – Bismillah

**Pizza Time – Quiero Mas

**Laurent Garnier – Man With the Red Face

**La Femme – Hypsoline

**Goat – Hide From the Sun

I’m also listening to some kind of odd disco one of my housemates is listening to in the basement …

Our blog is pretty awesome.
What are you looking for?

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