Hey Neighbor! Meet: John Bradley

Creating shared rehearsal space in downtown Fort Collins means that Cohere Bandwidth has some super-awesome neighbors. Like John Bradley, artist, gelatin fan, and Director of Venue Operations at the Downtown Artery.

Hey Neighbor! Meet: John Bradley

John Bradley - Downtown Artery

photo credit: “my beautiful brother, Aaron Foresthill” http://aaronforesthill.tumblr.com/

How long have you been in the neighborhood, and what brought you here?
Fate brought me from Germany to Fort Collins back in June of 2008, following my parents’ retirement from the military. After finishing out my last few years of high school at FCHS, I made the long move across town, to attend CSU. Summer after my freshman year at CSU, I helped my wonderful sister start a small business that has evolved into the Downtown Artery over time.

What do you do for work … and play?
As an artist, my work is to inspire others, and my play is finding inspiration. As the Director of Venue Operations at the Downtown Artery, I get to work and play with brilliant creators everyday, putting on events, performances, showcases, and planning large collaborations between artists. When I’m not at the Downtown Artery, I am most likely producing a beat, singing, binge eating alone at a restaurant, or watching trashy reality TV with my sister.

What makes your neighborhood unique?
The amount of construction going on, no matter what direction you look.

What makes YOU unique?
My eyebrows, and a few other things.

Favorite neighborhood haunts:
You can see me lurking around the crystals in Nature’s Own, ordering a Benny Goodman with flat and crispy hash at Snooze, getting a chicken bowl at Illegal Pete’s, consuming all of the drip coffee from Cafe Ardour, and getting my sugar rush on at Rocket Fizz.

In your opinion, what makes a good neighbor?
A good neighbor is definitely the one that brings you Jell-O … a good neighbor is a good friend. Someone who is always looking out for you, even when you don’t realize it … and that always includes Jell-O (lime flavored).

Current soundtrack to a day in your life?
Real Cosby – What It Feels
123mrk – Untroubled
Jai Paul – All Night
Ryan Hemsworth – Snow In Newark

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